February 2015

Minigras @ The Joan


MINI GRAS is a night to gather, to listen, to speak and to be heard. While the Mardi Gras festival burns brightly in the inner city the Joan will play host to a small spark of creative energy designed to engage the LGBTI community of Western Sydney and our allies.

New writings will make their way to open readings, local musicians will share the songs they love to share and community leaders will discuss, debate and debunk some of the mythologies around what it means to be ‘out’ and out West.

  • Saturday, Feb 28 2015 6:00pm

6.00 – 7.00pm: The Wild Wild West          

Join us for a panel discussion on art, Western Sydney, gathering spaces and the LGBTI community with speakers from ACON, Headspace, NSW Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby and the Joan.

7.30 – 8.30: Uncle Harold (the Naked Young Man)             

Sit in on a play reading of a new work by established, local playwright Dale Turner. Uncle Harold is a presently poignant story of past sexualities, history and family.

8.30 – 9.15: Queer Sounds                               

Grab a drink and listen to the sounds of John Milligan. John is an up and coming musician and musical theatre maker who will be playing some of his favourite anthems to round out the perfect Mini Gras experience.

Tickets here.

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