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A Sense Of Wonder Group Exhibition

Sharing the same title as its theme, A Sense of Wonder (2019) is an exhibition emphasising the wonders and curiosities that exist around and within us. The visual manifestations presented below have the ability to move us beyond the every day in thought-provoking ways.​

The ideas captured in this exhibition range from viewing an ordinary urban backyard with a renewed sense of awe; contemplating the vastness of space; observing nature on a grand scale or in miniature detail; transforming natures objects into playful expressions; whimsical interpretations of special events in our lives; impressions of an augmented reality; the creation of fantastical creatures; illuminating the effects of make-believe and art-making on children or simply portraying the ocean’s gifts that are washed on to land.   –
Contemporary Art Awards

The Contemporary Arts Awards present
‘A Sense Of Wonder’ 
2 June – 30th July
Available to view here.

‘Shrooms’ (detail) – A collaboration with El Throwup, 2015, Mixed media on watercolour paper.

Exhibiting artists: Karen Benjamin, Tom Christophersen, Jeannie Dolan, Michael Dyson,Julie Hollis, Latesha Houston, GWA (Wade Goring), Silvia A Sellitto, Susannah Paterson and Zorica Purlija. 

‘Shrooms’ framed archival print available here.

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‘TIFF #2’ A Finalist in the Lethbridge 2000 Exhibition

‘TIFF #2 ‘ will be featured as part of the Brisbane contingency of the art prize’s exhibitions, which are mounted in Sydney and Brisbane as well as online. See exhibition details below:

The Lethbridge 2000
27 June – 6 July 2019
7/11 Wambool Street, Bulimba QLD

To purchase this work and view the rest of the finalists click HERE.

‘TIFF #2’ detail.
‘TIFF #2’ as featured in INTERFACING. Photography by Michael Simms
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Imagined Group Exhibition

Artists working from their imagination tend to wrestle with ideas and feelings located on a subconscious level. Consequently, Imagined (2019) is an exhibition that explores the work of fifteen artists’ who create work from their imaginings. Interspersed with varying subject matters, each artist plumbs the depths of their imagination as well as providing a glimpse into their creative trajectory. Overall, the exhibited works cast a curious eye on our world providing viewers with new perspectives.Contemporary Art Awards

The Contemporary Arts Awards present
2 June – 30th June
Available to view here.

‘Himeros’ (detail), 2013, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 51 x 50cm

Exhibiting artists: Tom Christophersen, Michael Dyson, Paul Hagan, Hugh Kerr, Daniel Kneebone, Guillermo Jackson, Susannah Paterson, Beatrice Prost, Ruby Purple, Geoffrey Rose, Helen Shadforth, Michael Simms, Lauri Smith, Paris Tremayne and Michelle Webb.

‘Himeros’ framed archival prints available here.

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