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5 Guys Chillin’ @ The New for Sydney Fringe Festival



Based on interviews with guys found on hook-up apps, this graphic, gripping, funny and frank play exposes the drug-fuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of the gay chemsex chill-out scene. Following the successful staged reading at New Theatre during Mardi Gras 2017, we’re excited to be mounting a full production of this controversial play.

“As confronting as theatre gets” British Theatre Australian premiere

Tue 12 Sep, 6pm I Wed 13 Sep, 8pm I Thu 14 Sep, 6pm I Fri 15 Sep, 8pm Full $25 I Concession $20

Director Patrick Howard

Tom Christophersen, Stevie Haimes, John Michael Burdon, Will Reilly, Tim de Sousa



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‘Stunning Flaws’ Is Here.

‘Stunning Flaws’ features every portrait after ‘Luscious Creeps’.

Printed on premium matte paper, with a vivid cover and timeless clean design; ‘Stunning Flaws’ is the perfect gift or addition to any art lover’s collection.

5.5″ x 5.5″.
Signed or unsigned copies available.
Printed by Parabo Press.

Check out the layout here.

Purchase your copy here.

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Give the gift of Art

Need an excellent present for someone super stylish that already has everything? Why not buy them some art to carry around with them in their pocket all day?


Check out the whole collection here.

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The 2016 Semi Permanent Book

This year my work has been featured in the Semi Permanent Book for the third year in a row! Check out the spreads below:



From the SP Website:

‘Every year of Semi Permanent we release a 200+ page book full of artwork from around the world. A snapshot of the global artistic trends, and this year we’re making it extra special with a collaboration with ACE Hotels‘.

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2 Weeks Til Business Unfinished Premieres

Photography by Sophie Haylen

Photography by Sophie Haylen

There is just under two weeks til I debut my first ever solo show at Crack Theatre Festival and I can’t believe how quickly it has come and how excited I am to show you what I’ve made.

‘Business Unfinished’ started a year ago when I applied for PACT‘s ‘Vacant Room‘ program. I was completely obsessed with the whole notion of the paranormal. I was watching a lot of really trashy American Ghost shows and 90s horror movies. I was fascinated by the ideathat people experience terrific and unexplainable spectacles in their homes (paranormal or otherwise) that they were willing to ignore or rationalise.

I wanted to make a show which incorporated people’s donated ghost stories with my own interviews with my Mum, about my Dad – who saw ghosts in our family homes before my parents divorced when I was 9.

After my PACT residency, I received a lot of encouragement and positive feedback about the show. I very much wanted to turn my residency piece into a ‘fully formed show’. A cabaret exorcism that only I could perform without being possessed by the devil. I applied to Crack. I got in – and ‘Business Unfinished’, the show, was conceived. The new material is satanic, scary, saucy and secret.

Below are the times and dates. I hope you can make it out to Newcastle to come and see it and heaps of other awesome stuff playing during THIS IS NOT ART. It’s also my 28th birthday so definitely come and have an ‘I-beat-the-27-club’ cocktail if you’re in the area.

Business Unfinished
Playing at ‘The Crack House’ – Market Square, Hunter Street, NEWCASTLE
Friday 2 October – 10:30 pm – 11:20 pm
Saturday 3 October – 11:30 pm – 12:20 am
Cost: FREE (+ your soul)

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‘Untitled #3’ featured in the 2015 Semi-Permanent Book

I am extremely honoured to be featured as a contributor in the Semi-Permanent Book for the second year in a row. My piece can be found in the ‘Contributors’ section along with a bunch of other talented, up-and-coming Australian Visual Artists and Designers.


Copies of this year’s book will become available on the Semi-Permanent Website in the coming months.

Big thanks to the Semi-Permanent team, the book feels and looks incredible.

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